Our Programs

Disgned to Fit

At Dynamic Martial Arts, there is a program for everyone!  From preschool and up we offer classes daily for the whole family.  Students can register for two core classes each week, and also drop-in for extra classes any day - at no additional cost!  Never miss another class.

DMA Parent

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DMA Parent, and Public School Teacher

DMA Parent, and Public School Teacher

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"I'm so glad I did it..."

"I'm so glad I did it..."

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The Perfect Combo

Every program includes blocks, strikes, stances and kicks.  Our striped belt system advances students through 12 cycles, where they are required to learn the appropriate techniques, forms, board breaks, weapon, and life skill.



Does your child struggle with self-control, focus in school, or have signs of ADHD? Martial Arts has been scientifically proven to help children deal with these areas of discipline.  Click below to learn more about studies linked to ADHD and the benefits of Martial Arts training.



As parents, we worry when our child shows signs of low self-esteem.  At Dynamic Martial Arts,  children find confidence through self-defense knowledge, new talents and achievements, the relationships that they develop, and a good dose of positive encouragement.  Help your child become a leader.  Enroll in our 14-day Free Trial!


Life Skills

Parenting is hard enough, but when our children show lack of respect, appreciation, acknowledgement of authority or other important life skills, parents can feel lost.  Our curriculum helps your child find humility, respect and consideration in the form of positive instruction.  Get your kids helping around the house, answering politely, and understanding that no simply means "no".

Life Skills

More Than A Sport

At Dynamic Martial Arts, the curriculum is more than just a sport.  Our program is a way of life.  We go beyond physical training to reach a more meaningful experience.

Students are guaranteed to receive a balance of martial arts training, real-life application, improved physical fitness, and life skills.


Each belt level has a Life Skill Milestone to help track progress throughout a student's martial arts journey.  View each belt block to see the coordinated milestone.

White Belt
Confidence to try something new.
Orange Belt
Demonstrate discipline by creating a routine and sticking to it.
Yellow Belt
Use your self-control to eliminate a bad habit.
Green Belt
Earn a letter from an adult who can compliment the level of respect you show.
Blue Belt
You've reached your half way point.  Sign your "I Achieve" commitment form.
Red Belt
Schedule a meeting with your instructors for an assessment.  Set a 6 month plan to reach your goal.