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Can YOU Feel The Difference?

At Dynamic Martial Arts, it is our ambition to provide quality martial arts curriculum for our students. We aim to instill not only skill and knowledge, but also life lessons, and relationships that will not be forgotten. Our students become family the moment they walk through the door.

For years, we have taken pride in the acknowledgment that customers identify our academy as a family-friendly place where their kids can grow and train. The fun-loving environment and sense of community inspires comfort and confidence among the students and an overall positive learning experience. Dynamic Martial Arts customers receive great value with our program because the students receive so much more than a sport or instruction. Our specially designed curriculum, customized class structure, and committed staff gives them the quality they can count on.

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Make It Personal

Never miss a class!  Customize your schedule with Unlimited Classes 5 days a week with our Action Pack..


Less is More

No contracts or testing fees.  Classes are priced per month.  Get started with our 14 day FREE TRIAL today!

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Quality Matters

Dedicated Instructors each with years of experience and knowledge to share.  Meet our staff and see why we think they are the best.



  • UNLIMITED CLASSES (optional)

  • Automatic Make-up tokens when you miss a class

  • Digital Access to Curriculum for training anytime

  • Enrichment Classes at no extra cost

  • No Belt Testing Fees

  • No Contracts Ever



  • Dynamic Martial Arts App, convenience at your fingertips

  • Parent Portal allows you to track student's progress

  • Access our digital curriculum videos from anywhere

  • Register for events, purchase gear, or access your account directly through our app or website.



  • Parent's Night Out Parties for every major holiday, only $25 per child, for 4 ACTION-PACKED hours and dinner.

  • Annual Camps: Summer Camps and Ninja Camp are hosted every year with new themes and unforgettable adventures.

  • Private Lessons Available

  • Tournaments, and Demo Team Opportunities for those who appreciate the challenge


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