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Dynamic Martial Arts provides elite martial arts training to Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.  Our unique curriculum has been proven to help youth and adults with behavioral and mental disorders, weight loss, as well as overall health and well-being.  Our goal is to provide quality training, efficient curriculum, and a comfortable training environment for all students.  Regardless of your reason for training, we are here to help you on this journey,

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"My son wants to be a ninja and has been asking to try martial arts. He needed help with self control in the classroom so I decided to check DMA out. I immediately had a good feeling the moment we walked in. My son tried a few free classes and loved it. We’ve been a part of the DMA family for almost 4 months. Master Yu is great and the kids love and respect him. The higher belts are very nurturing of the lower belts. Everyone works together and I’ve seen a difference in my son. He’s excited to go to class!"

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"Without a doubt, training with Master Yu improved our son's ability to excel in school, behave in a manner that is praised regularly, and advance his abilities physically in every way. Our son is dyslexic. After training and learning taekwondo forms, it is as if it woke up some part of his brain. A true life changer for us. Thank you Master Yu!!!!!!!"

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