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What You Need To Learn For Belt Testing

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Here is what you need to know for testing:

  1. When testing for a stripe, you DO NOT need to perform any board breaks or a form.

  2. When testing for a belt , you DO need to perform the board breaks and the form.

  3. When testing for a BLACK belt, you must perform everything white-red including weapon forms.

Please use the attached pdfs for a quick view of what is included in your curriculum.

New Ways to Train

Parents can view a detailed and organized list of skills needed for testing and at-home practice by logging into your account. Customized to your child's belt level - you'll never miss a beat on what the coaches expect from your ninja. Wondering if your child is ready for belt testing, or what they need to know? We've taken out the guess work so you can feel more prepared. See how it works below!

Feelin' Out Forms

With the recent updates to curriculum, we know that one of the most confusing aspects has been the change in "forms." In your skills tracker above, you will see a section for "forms" under you child's skills categories, along with "upper body," "lower body," "combos," and "board breaks."

Previously, every belt level had a new form to learn. NOW, students will begin learning a form at the orange belt level. They will learn "Beginner Form Part 1". Once they advance to Yellow Belt, they learn "Beginner Form Part 2." These forms are more advanced than our previous forms which is why they are divided into 2 parts. They are also competition forms, so if your child ever decides to participate in a tournament - they're ready!

Our first round of "Digital Curriculum" was uploaded with the entire beginner form on one video. To make it easier for you, we have divided the videos as follows: "Beginner Form Part 1," "Beginner Form Part 2," "Advanced Form Part 1," Advanced Form Part 2." You can access digital curriculum and forms by using the following steps!

Visit Your DMA App to try these fun features now!

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