New!! Train Insane Class at DMA

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

It's got beats, style, and all the hype you need - even a few laser lights.

TrainInsane with Mr. Jason!

Let the music move you, learn new skills and Xtreme Techniques, get loud, then show us your skills the last 5 minutes of class during the TrainInsane Laser Light Showcase.

Students will train with "explosive techniques" which means they launch from a still position into a combination of fast techniques. This class teaches various strikes, kicks, weapons and beginner tricking. Strength training and Xtreme stretching will help students reach a new level in their abilities. This includes vertical kicks, splits, improved power, and stronger strikes.

Students will have a unique skills tracker for this class. They will work to complete challenges such as "forward split","power break," "butterfly kick," etc.

This class is best suited for ages 8 and up due to it's later time and class intensity level.


Tues & Thurs 7:30-8pm

With Mr. Jason and Ms. Lana

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