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Belt Testing and Schedule Changes

Belt Testing Currently, we are only 5 weeks away from our next belt testing which is set for Saturday, August 12. Testing times are based on your child's current class. Here are the times: Beginner Youth 9am Intermediate Youth @ 10am Teens @11am Advance belts (all ages) @12pm Black belt testing @1pm Adults @ regular class times Belt Ceremony Our belt ceremony will be Saturday, August 19. Times are based on your student's current class! (not their new belt or class level.) For example: if your child is currently an orange belt they need to attend the youth intermediate times. Beginner Youth (white belts) 9am Intermediate Youth (orange and yellow belts) 9:30am Teens (White, Orange, Yellow Belts) 10am Advanced and Black Belts 10:30 Adults @ regular class times Below is our testing candidate list. If your student is not on the list, not enough classes have been met during this cycle or more practice is needed. If you feel there is an error, PLEASE feel free to reach out to us :). Make-up testing is the week after testing during regular class times.

More Classes!

We’ve updated our class schedule to accommodate DMA’s continuing growth and some of our classes getting so crowded, especially our advanced class for green belts and up. We’ve now divided the class into 2 separate times. One for ages 6-10 and the other for ages 11–17 like our other teen classes. If you have a sibling who is also an advanced student but the class time is not the same, both kids can come to the class for 11-17 year olds. Please see the schedule for details. This new schedule will begin Monday, August 28 when NHCS traditional school begins. Our little dumplings class will ONLY be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-3:00 also beginning August 28. Tuesday and Thursday Little Dumplings students can switch to Mondays and Wednesdays beginning now or by August 28. We are no longer accepting new Little Dumplings registrations to keep the class sizes smaller. Only siblings of current student's are welcome to still join. Our youth classes will now begin at the age of 5 instead of 6. We will reach out to our current dumplings about possibly moving up to the big kids program if we feel they are ready for the next step :)

PCD Training Opportunities Beginning August 28, Port City Dragons will be able to participate in two additional classes each week. Monday and Wednesday will continue to be sparring classes, and Tuesday/Thursday nights will be Port City Team practice. For this year, these new classes will be optional but will become mandatory following the 2024 auditions. Members of the PCD team will also have access to Private Lessons on Saturdays and private gym access on Sundays. More information about these options is coming soon. We will be sending a separate email recapping our meeting this past Friday and future expectations/support for the team members. We are so proud of our PCD Students and are honored to be their coaches. Thank you for trusting us. New Videos! Coming Soon With the recent improvements to our curriculum - students will have new training videos available on our YouTube Channel. These will be released this week! Find our Calendar of Events in the Archives section of your DMA


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