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How to Choose the Right
Martial Arts School

What Do You Want To Achieve?

The first thing to determine will be your reason for training. Fitness, life skills, and self-defense are three of the most common goals.


Do You Prefer A Certain Style?

There are many styles of martial arts.  Do your research to see if there is one that is most appealing to you.  If not, that's okay.  Many people will seek out a facility based on some of the following points.


Try a Class

Always try at least one class, but preferably 2 or 3 to gain a full understanding of the class structure and versatility.

Every class should consist of a warm-up, quality instruction, and curriculum.


The Environment

Is the class engaging? Are the instructors attentive, and encouraging? You should feel accomplished at the end of your class, and comfortable with your surroundings and coaches.

Schools range in culture as much as they do in style.  The culture of your martial arts academy is very important. Is it serious and quiet, or lively and uplifting? Is it intense or casual?

A great school will have a healthy mix.  Especially for children, they should learn self-control and discipline, but enjoy the experience and want to go back.


Ask for the Details

Be sure to ask about testing cycles, belt systems, and the average amount of time to achieve a black belt.

This is especially important to know with schools that charge belt testing fees.  You should never feel like you are purchasing an undeserved belt. Martial Arts training is a journey, YOUR journey.



Every school should offer the basic necessities for teaching an enriched class.  However, the biggest or fanciest school is not always the best.  Sometimes it's the hidden gems that will offer you the best quality training.  Also consider the location.  This should not be a deal breaker, unless it is impossible to make classes, but otherwise remember that the quality of your training is most important.  A clean and properly sanitized school is a basic comfort that should always be expected.



While pricing and distance to class should not have too much weight, they are important factors to consider.

Pricing can include a monthly tuition, and other fees.  Be sure to ask about uniform cost, registration fees, belt testing fees, additional training programs, family plans, available discounts or specials, and cost of any additional training materials.


 Our programs at Dynamic Martial Arts are designed to meet your goals.  Classes offer a balanced combination of both mental and physical health.  Regardless of age, or challenges, we firmly believe that Martial Arts is the ideal sport.

To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page

Dynamic Martial Arts teaches multiple styles and techniques. 

To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page

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Martial Arts is a commitment, and we want you to be happy with yours.  We feel confident you will love our dojang, but always suggest that you do your homework first.

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We are proud of our DREAM TEAM.  Our instructors consist of a variety of age and background, and all have their love of martial arts in common.  They are proud to share their knowledge, and always lead by example.

Every instructor goes through an application process that includes letters of recommendation to their behavior in the community.  We take our training seriously.

We engage with your children at their level, and know how to get their attention.  Kids will learn discipline, self-confidence, and other critical life-skills for success.

Dynamic Martial Arts is best known for our fun-loving, family environment.

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Dynamic Martial Arts cares about the quality of every student's performance, but also keeps in mind that each student is different in their challenges and strengths.  To ensure the best possible knowledge and performance outcome, we operate on a striped belt system.

Our students test every 4 months alternating solid or striped belts.  On average, our students take about 3.5-4 years to earn their black belt with on-schedule testing and regular class attendance.

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At Dynamic Martial Arts, our facility offers a combination of traditional and modern amenities.  Our equipment ranges from kick bags, Bully dummies, weapons, sparring gear, breaking boards, shields, properly cleaned mats, and more.

We invite you to come try classes and experience all that Dynamic Martial Arts has to offer.

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At Dynamic Martial Arts, we offer unlimited classes for a single flat rate tuition.  There are no hidden or additional fees, and no up-sell programs to enhance your training.  Classes include all belt appropriate curriculum, including weapons and sparring.  Our students work hard, and therefore we do not charge belt testing fees.  It is our moral standard that you will never buy a belt from us, you will earn it.